Rachel Dolezal: Wannabe Sexy Pin-Up Model

Peace and Freedom

The New York Post


Thomas Richardson/Polaris

She masqueraded as a black woman — and a model.

With blond braids flowing down to her kneecaps, former NAACP chapter President Rachel Dolezal struck seductive poses in a woodsy setting in this 2012 shoot with Spokane-based photographer Thomas Richardson.

In some of the sultry snaps, she’s in a glam purple gown, and in others, she’s dressed in a cropped halter top to show off a navel ring.

The vanity shots appear to be portfolio filler — even though there is no evidence that Dolezal has ever actually done anything professionally.

Dolezal claims to have done some “modeling” in her bio on the Spokane, Wash., NAACP’s Web site.

In a Tuesday interview, Dolezal said she does her hair herself and uses a weave to fashion her now-signature look.

“I do everything myself,” she boasted to NBCBLK.

“When I put my locks…

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TAMARA WINFREY HARRIS: Black Like Who? Rachel Dolezal’s Harmful Masquerade

Universal Journal Review

New York Times — Rachel A. Dolezal, who stepped down Monday as president of the Spokane, Wash., chapter of the N.A.A.C.P., could have been a powerful ally to African-Americans. The participation of white allies has always been important to anti-racism work. By most accounts, she is educated about black cultures and an advocate for black causes. But empathy evolved into impersonation. And Ms. Dolezal’s subterfuge, made easier by the legacy of racism in America, undermines the very people she claims to support.

“I identify as black,” Ms. Dolezal told Matt Lauer on the “Today” show this morning. That may be. But actual black people, like me, don’t have the option of choosing.

The details are by now well known. Her estranged parents and Ms. Dolezal’s Montana birth certificate confirm that she is white (allegedly with some Native American ancestry)…

NY Times – TAMARA WINFREY HARRIS: Black Like Who? Rachel Dolezal’s…

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It’s Not You But Them

The real fight people may not be with but with themselves some people will be out here judging your life whether or not you have what it takes to make it. When you show them how truly strong you are..they will hate you even more than they already do. You are not even operating at full capacity (100%) yet…and they are already wondering why are still winning.

 You have nothing to prove to them. The real proof lies in whether you will be who you are being called to be or will you fall short and succumb to your fear of not being as great as everyone thinks you are at 30%. YOU ARE really as fabulous as you believe that you are! 

It is time you lace up your “getting on the get” shoes and decide that you are not stopping your journey until you reach your intended position. It will be tough and isolating…but YOU CAN’T STOP!

You owe no one any explanations! Fight for who you are! #StayWinning

Being happy for others


Learn to be happy for others don’t be so insecure about yourself and hinder yourself from getting your Blessing…Jealousy will trap you right where you are. 

Instead, learn to let other people’s success inspire you whether it be success in business, car, success in relationships, whatever the case may be always be happy for them and be genuine!!

Detox Negstivity


Negative people slow you down towards achieving your goals. Whether they know it or not, they end up discouraging you from being ambitious or following your dreams by questioning what you’re doing and planting doubts in your head.

Negative energy from toxic people affect your energy level, not to mention your stress and anxiety. Ultimately, it’s your health and well-being, so you are responsible for taking care of it!
You need to create space for positive change to happen. Being in toxic relationships with people and allowing their negative energy into your life will hold you back from manifesting opportunities for your success. Also, releasing negative people will create space for the positive folks to enter, who will encourage, support, and help you grow as a person.
Step 1: Let them go

Just start. Use whatever method you think is appropriate. Avoid them. Don’t pick up their calls. Apologize for being distant but you don’t need to explain why or defend your actions.

You don’t have to explain anything to them unless you feel need to because they’re being persistent and pushy. This is because they are probably not in a state of mind to listen to what you have to say anyway and will probably get on the defensive if you try to explain yourself.

Do it gracefully and with love. Send them off with love and a prayer. Be open to the possibility that if and when they are ready to change and be more positive/supportive, then you would be open to opening up line of communication with them.


The Truth

If you tear down your queen she can not sustain you. If you tear down your king he can not sustain you. 

Think about what you are doing…

Think about your actions and how it affects your partner…

Uplift! Uplift! Uplift!

We work better together… Remember that

Peace and blessings to all 

Queen Ann

The Truth

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Celebrate You!


Celebrate who you are today. Celebrate that you are not the same person you were. You have grown tremendously and have changed your life for the better. And everything may not be all you think it should be…but it is getting there. Celebrate that things could be unbearable, but because you are so amazing..it has the potential to be awesome!